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Ralph Olson has been in the hop business for 35 years just recently retiring as CEO of HopUnion in Yakima Washington. His wife Vickie, ran the HopUnion lab doing analysis on pellets, wet and dried hops. We have been selling hop rhizomes for several years and enjoy the relationship with all our existing customers and potential new ones.  Our  rhizomes come from some of the best hop growing farms in the Yakima Valley.  With our area supplying 70-75% of all hops grown in the U.S. you can be assured that you are buying quality rhizomes.

We also own a local coffee stand, Rush Coffee which is located on the corner of 48th and Nob Hill in Yakima WA.

For more information, please contact Ralph Olson 509-952-8251 or Debbie Byrne 509-969-1937

Hours available: Monday-Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm (PST) or email us at vickie.rhizomes@yahoo.com

We look forward to working with you!

Ralph & Vickie Olson
Debbie Byrne

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