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We want to THANK YOU for many wonderful years!
Due to declining sales over the past few years and many customers who are looking for varieties which we are unable to buy, we have decided to retire from the Hop Rhizome business. We appreciate all of our customers! 
If you are looking for Hop Rhizomes a GREAT place we recommend is Dave at Freshops.
Dave is a wonderful guy to work with and is starting to accept Rhizomes orders after March 1st this year. 
Freshops is located in Philomath, OR. Please visit his website at http://www.freshops.com for more information.


Free UPS Ground Shipping!*
Save when you purchase larger quantities
  • 6-20 Rhizomes @ $3.70 each
  • 21-99 Rhizomes @ $3.05 each
  • 100 - 199 Rhizomes @ $2.40 each
  • 200 -399 Rhizomes @ $2.15 each
  • 400-999 Rhizomes @ $2.00 each
  • 1000 Rhizomes and over @ 1.75 each

*Free shipping is included on 1st order only. Additional orders will be charged shipping. A $5 handling fee will be added to all online orders.

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